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Julie Field, Web Designer & Developer located in Columbus, Ohio

Hi , I am Julie Field

Web Designer & Developer For Hire
My name is Julie Field and I’m a web designer and front-end developer in Columbus, Ohio. I pride myself on not just building solutions that clients love, but also producing results when you need it. To me, there's few things better than landing on a beautifully crafted website or engaging with an application that provides the ability to pleasantly navigate and find information quickly and easily. I believe that beauty should not just stop at the visual. The same attention to detail that goes into my designs, I place into my code. I pride myself on writing code that is clean and fast. I also inspire to create solutions that my clients can maintain today and into the future.

A conversation starter:
I'm a triplet and I'm married to a twin.

My Toolbox & Skills

Over the last 10 years I've developed a large toolbox that I bring with me to each project. Whether you're in need of a designer to create a custom logo for your business, map out the user flow of an application or simply need a responsive landing page developed. I've got the tools and knowledge to help!

Photoshop 98%

Sketch 95%

Illustrator 95%

InVision App 90%

Balsamiq Mockups 85%


ExpressionEngine 90%

Wordpress 70%

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