This year we finally made it out to the Columbus College of Art & Design Art Fair. I've wanted to take my sister, Jessica, to one of these events since she moved up here in 2011. It is mostly made up of current students but has a handful of teachers and alumni with amazing art for sale. This was the first time we brought Savannah to CCAD or even downtown in general. She had just learned to wave and clap her hands, so everyone we ran into she waved and clapped at. People must have thought we had an art fanatic on our hands. haha.

My sister joined us and also our friends Andrew & Jessica Fisher. Jessica Fisher bought some really cute handmade earrings from a former CCAD teacher, and I was inspired to purchase from 2 artists that stood out to me, but I have more art than walls at the moment.

1. Todd Camp
Todd is a 1989 Columbus College of Art & Design Alumni whose recent works are colorful abstract cloudscape paintings largely influenced by his surroundings. If you haven't seen his work, I encourage you to visit his website or check out one of his Exhibitions.

Todd Camp CloudScape Painting

2. Mary Gaye Miller - Mixed Media assemblages Her Facebook Page
Mary Gaye Miller's work of mixed media assemblages was an awesome find at the Art Fair. Each piece was a mix of wood, metal, texture, fabric, etc. painted over with vibrant bold colors each surrounded with black simple wood frames. Each were sold individually, but I have to say you could make these a 3 piece series and it would look fantastic in any space. When I spoke to her she said that she is working on getting her website up, but you can view more of her artworks and like her page on Facebook.

Mary Gaye Miller Mixed Media

After attending the CCAD Art Fair we walked over to the Columbus Museum of Art, which made an entire day of art. I loved the new building and all the new exhibits plus the Lego Exhibit had just opened. Savannah loved babbling and hearing her voice echo in all the different galleries. We all very much enjoyed our full day of Art and are looking forward to the next Art Fair in the Spring.