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  • Her name is Savannah

    Her name is Savannah

    Our family used to consist of just me, Dennis and our two dogs, Roxy and Riley, but on February 17th, 2015 we finally got to meet our newest addition to our family. Her name is Savannah.

    She arrived about a week and a half early, and was healthy and a happy little newborn. The little bit of hair that she had was surprisingly red and her cry was just a tiny squeak over and over again. She was sooo small and delicate. That was about 10 months ago. A lot has changed since then, but I'm happy to say, I think we have some things figured out now. She doesn't quite sleep through the night most nights but sometimes she will let us catch some extra Zzzzs while she plays with her pacifier or her glow worm quietly in her crib in the morning. There are times when I miss my independence that Dennis and I had once before, but I wouldn't change a thing. I'm a proud Momma. Here are a list of things that I love to share about our baby girl.

    • She has the cutest dimple in her left cheek that you can see when she smiles.

    • She loves when Dennis tickles her.

    • She was a pumpkin for Halloween.

    • She got "biggest cheeks" and "most popular" at day care.

    • She stares at people in public without blinking until it gets awkward.

    • She has her own website where we've documented her entire life so far through photos.

    • She loves to pull Riley's ears. (Riley is our Puggle and has very tug-able ears, which she surprisingly loves.)

    • She is a huge fan of Elmo. We bought a subscription for Hulu just for Sesame Street.

    • She instantly falls asleep in the car making road trips pretty relaxing.

    • She has two bottom teeth and 1 top one coming in, and they are SHARP!

    • She loves her pacifiers.

    • Her first words were Da Da... and she calls me Na Na.

    • She got her ears pierced at 4 and half months old and I bought myself a matching pair of earrings.

    • She will get to spend her first birthday with her Uncle Dan at Walt Disney World where he works.

    I can't believe that she is about to be a 1 year old. It's strange on one hand it feels like it was such a long year of learning and getting adjusted to our new life with baby. But on the other hand it seems like we brought her home yesterday. I know everyone says this... but it's true – Time really is flying now that we have her.