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My name is Julie Field and I’m a web designer and front-end developer in Columbus, Ohio. I pride myself on not just building solutions that clients love, but also producing results when you need it. To me, there's few things better than landing on a beautifully crafted website or engaging with an application that provides the ability to pleasantly navigate and find information quickly and easily. I believe that beauty should not just stop at the visual. The same attention to detail that goes into my designs, I place into my code. I pride myself on writing code that is clean and fast. I also inspire to create solutions that my clients can maintain today and into the future.

I can help you with the following services:

Logo Design & Brand Exploration

I create beautiful brands & logos that are timeless and adaptive.

Website & Application Design

I aim to create customized, beautiful, professional and easy to navigate designs.

Website Front-End Development

I build websites that are custom, responsive, and tested for ultimate performance.

Custom Content Management System

I craft an easy to use CMS so that scales and gives you control over your content.

Landing Page Design

I design and develop landing pages that are optimized for conversion.

Retargeting & Banner Advertisement

I design engaging display banner ads that entice visitors to click.

Email Marketing

I design email templates that improve user engagement and interaction while maintaining brand consistency.

Maintenance & Production Assistance

I offer high quality month-to-month design & development assistance.

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My Portfolio

Here's a collection of some of the projects that I've worked on with for a variety of clients.

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Shannon Sano
Julie worked on redesigning my website this past year. She was wonderful to work with, and brought a lot of creativity to the table. She was also happy to implement any ideas that I had.

Shannon Sano

Lauren Haygood
I had the pleasure of working with Julie as her project manager on several interactive projects where she was the interactive designer. I loved her can-do attitude and how she always paid very close attention to details. I never had to ask her to do anything twice! Julie is a self-starter and does not need to be told when to work. She would often have work/edits completed before I even asked her to do them. I would love to work with Julie again in the future.

Lauren Haygood

Alexa Steele
Julie is amongst the most talented web designers/developers I've had the pleasure of working with. Great personality and highly skilled. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a beautiful and functional website completed with exceptional customer service.

Alexa Steele

Sara Howes
Julie started working at SBC directly after graduating from CCAD - which should tell you right away that she's talented, since landing a job right out of school in Columbus is not easy. And although she was quiet at first, she quickly became a staple of our daily routines; Julie tackled tough projects with even tougher deadlines right from the start, and always produced quality work. Her talent, combined with her very friendly personality and sense of humor, made her completely indispensable. She is a valuable member of any team, and will certainly become a leader in the world of design.

Sara Howes

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